Certification in Foundation of Capital Market

Batch - 45 starting from 12th November 2018

5 (253 rating) 759 students enrolled


Certification in Foundation of Capital Market course in jointly certified by NSE Academy & Kredent Academy (NSE Academy is a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India).

This course is a perfectly designed capital market course to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required to understand the functioning of capital markets. It gives a basic insight of financial jargons like Equities, IPOs, Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Macroeconomics and Financial Planning. Capital markets channel the wealth of savers to those who can put it to long-term productive use. This financial market course combines in it a perfect blend of Fundamental Analysis, which shall help the investor to pick the right company and Technical Analysis which will provide the correct entry and exit timing and prices through the study of charts.


  • Students enrolling for this programme will be given a “Certificate of Completion” from NSE Academy facilitated by Kredent Academy.
  •  After successful completion of the course, he shall also be given free access to all webinars conducted by Kredent Academy for further knowledge enhancement.
  •  An email query support, Question & Answer community platform will also be availed by the student for any kind of doubt clearance related to content while pursuing the course.
  •  There are technical analysis infographs designed after each session to ease level of understanding of the students and IPO case studies which shall give a practical know-how to analyse IPOs.
  •  All the knowledge content is provided by Kredent Academy.


The Objective of the course is to equip the participant with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how so that students can apply the same in researching equity markets for wealth creation. It introduces you to the process of how to find and analyze companies, determine the risk of a stock investment or trade, proper entry and exit time of the stock, understand why markets move the way they do, and helps you choose the capital market trading style for your personal goals using correct approach to financial planning.