Kredent Academy is committed to providing the best possible guidance to students, not just during the duration of their studentship but beyond as well. Through the Kredent Academy Alumni Association (KAAA), we endeavour to continue to be a part of our students' lives as they navigate the complex and exciting world of capital markets and finance.

Our Alumni Association provides a common platform for all our students where they can freely exchange their ideas and experiences and tap into the collective wisdom of their fellow alumni.

Along with excellent networking opportunities, members get free access to a wealth of resources highly relevant for today's market professional, i.e., periodic market updates, periodic meetings on topics relevant to the markets, invitation to workshops, job referrals and seminars, free online resources including registration to our elearning portal , as well as free repeat ation of some classes and career counselling.

Members also get special scholarships on further courses they would like to do and referral discount for their friends and family members.

So, if you have been a student with us, we invite you to take a moment to fill up the form given below to register yourself for KAAA.

Registration is free and there is no other cost involved.

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