Certified Equity Research Analyst

Certified Equity Research Analyst
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CERA (Certified Equity Research Analyst) is a full time certified program for individuals who aspire to be security analysts. This requires both a specific mindset and a comprehensive knowledge of various financial methods and mental models. This course endeavours to expose the incumbent to meaningful equity research along with financial modelling using MS Excel and also provides a working knowledge of the Bloomberg Terminal for analyzing real time market data.

This course will help you to be a savvy investor as well as provide participants with an understanding of how to identify, analyse the financial statements of a business and invest in companies and make better investment decisions. This programme also helps an individual to become a equity research analyst by providing complete understanding of capital market & Industry Analysis.

  • Discussions closest to the real world, balanced exposure of theoretical and practical aspects in detail
  • Relevant online and offline study material developed by Kredent Academy
  • Open platform to interact with faculty and accessibility to market experts and relevant software
  • Periodic evaluation of performances and individual monitoring & capability enhancement programs
  • Complementary training on MS-Excel
  • Daily News Analysis
  • Basics of Capital Market
    • • Ratio Analysis
    • • Primary Markets (IPO) and Impact of Corporate Actions
    • • Stock Trading
  • Fundamental Analysis and Investing
    • • Financial Statement Analysis and Ratio Analysis
    • • Valuation and Live Market Case Studies
  • Derivatives Market
    • • Basics of Futures and Options
    • • Valuation and Live Market Case Studies
  • Other Assets
    • • Financial Planning and Mutual Funds
    • • Basics of Currency and Commodity Market
  • Cost of Capital
    • • Advanced Concepts of Capital Allocation and Beta
    • • Beta Calculation from Raw Data
  • Discounted Cash Flow
    • • Advanced Concepts of Free Cash Flows (FCFF/FCFE)
    • • Terminal Value Calculation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • • Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO)/Private Equity
    • • Modelling for Private Equity, LBO Transactions
  • Financial Institutions Group (FIG)
    • • Forecasting P&L for Financial Institutions
    • • Forecasting Balance Sheet for Financial Institutions
    • • Valuation Modelling for Financial Institutions
  • Sector Specific Modelling
    • • Modelling for a Particular Sector Chosen by Candidate
  • Practical Modelling
    • • Creation and Presentation of a Model of a Company Allocated to Candidate
  • Basic FRA Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
    • • Income Statement Analysis
    • • Balance Sheet Analysis
    • • Ratio Analysis
  • Qualitative Aspects of Equity Research
    • • Industry Analysis
    • • Market Share and Competitor Analysis
    • • Business Models and Sustainability Analysis
    • • Impact of Management and Corporate Governance
  • Introduction to Valuations
    • • Basic DCF & Multiple Based Valuations
  • Advanced FRA
    • • Revenue Build-up
    • • Working Capital, Debt and Interest Schedule
    • • Fixed Assets, Depreciation and Amortization
    • • Cash Flow Projections
    • • Free Cash Flows Basics (FCFF/FCFE)
    • • WACC (Cost of Capital and Beta Calculation)
    • • Understanding a Financial Modeling (Valuation) Template
    • • Relative Valuation Multiples (EV/EBITDA, PE, PB, Sales/Market Cap)
  • Research Project and Internship
    • • Revenue Build-up
    • • Effective Report Writing
    • • Data Gathering and Presentation
    • • Live Equity Research on a Company Allocated to Candidate
  • Daily News Analysis
  • Fixed Income Basics
    • • Basics of Bonds
    • • Concept of Bond Yields
  • Valuation of Bonds
    • • Bond Valuation Using Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • Duration
    • • Computation of Duration (YTM)
    • • Duration Modeling for a Portfolio of Bonds
  • Valuation of Bonds
    • • Bond Valuation Using Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • Convexity
    • • Computation of Convexity
    • • Modeling for Convexity
  • Kredent Academy is one of the pioneer professional training institutes in India focussing on finance and capital markets. It employs industry professionals as faculty eliminating the knowledge gap through its clear philosophy of “Education meets Experience”. The knowledge team of Kredent Academy comprises of highly qualified professionals including members from IIM Alumni and industry experts holding experience of more than 10 years . They possess a great understanding of subjects like Fund Management, Equity Research, Corporate Banking, and Trading in Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodities markets. Kredent Academy aims to create a 360 degree knowledge circle for the students inclusive of theoretical, practical and applicable learning that grooms them for a successful career in the financial market.

    Kredent Academy provides a strong education platform, which is committed to take finance training to the next level. It has been recognized as the Best Finance Training Institute by the prestigious Gurukul Awards for 2008-09 and for 2009-10. It also has a tie up with St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and NSE Academy for the NCCMP course design and delivered fully by it.

    Those who want to get into the market either for own business as a Sub-broker, Trader, Investor, financial advisor or portfolio manager or those who want to become a Equity Research Analyst.

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