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CRTA course was both enriching and enlightening. The course mainly focuses on practical knowledge and its application, which makes you industry ready. During this course I had an opportunity to learn and train under the best of the industry.The course helped me to enhance my knowledge about the stock market and gave me the skills required to be a trader. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, especially Advanced Technical Analysis.   – SAYANTINA MALLICK CHOWDHURY CRTA
Anindo Sinha Chowdhury

Great introduction to Financial Trading, well turned out presenters and lecturers, and great lecture materials and handouts. You can ask questions anytime – no problem, Speakers are clear concise and knowledgeable, very well laid out course. All in all very enjoyable.   – Anindo sinha chowdhury Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 31st Batch. Jan 2017
bishambu sharma july 14_1

I had a great experience in the 6.5 months of CRTA course that I pursued with Kredent academy. I learned lot of things which will help me to make my life more innovative & successful. I got lot of knowledge about stock market & how to deal and work in this market by the best of faculties .   – BISHAMBU SHARMA Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 15th Batch. July 2014
gaurav sharma

I studied the Equity research Analyst course with Kredent academy and at the end of my course I got placed in a job too.I sincerely want to appreciate the efforts of placement department of kredent academy .I appreciate the support and help provided by kredent academy at times of difficulties .I present a big token of thanks to Mr. Vivek Bajaj for all endless support and help. Its been really a great learning experience .   – GAURAV SHARMA Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 14th Batch. May 2014
sandip kumar -jan 14_1

I joined this course to gain knowledge in the field of Capital Market and Institute had provided me a very good trading platform to excel my knowledge. This course is designed in such a manner that everyone will get an idea in each and every field of Capital Market. I am very much thankful to Kredent Academy for building my career in trading.   – SANDIP KUMAR Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 13th Batch. March 2014  
sanjeev kumar mandal-jan 14_1

Started following the news daily, developing the habit of reading Economic Times that was the best part. Kredent academy gave me the perfect exposure to the share market and helped in creating strong base to build a career in this market.   – SANJEEV KUMAR MANDAL Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 13th Batch. March 2014
huma hussan -jan 14_1

I did the CRTA course with Kredent academy and it helped me grow my knowledge manifolds. Training full time for 6 months really changed the way I used to think about the financial markets. I learnt the theory and the practical of every facet of the markets and I now feel I can trade professionally. I have built this confidence with the help of kredent academy and their teaching methodology and under the guidance of efficient faculty.   – HUMA HUSSAN Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 12th Batch. January 2014
akash agarwal-jan14_1

My experience at Kredent Academy was excellent. The course was very helpful for me and the faculties were always ready to help the students and provides us the good knowledge and platform to understand the market strategy. I am very pleased for doing Advanced Options course as I was really interested in the derivatives market.   – AKASH AGARWAL Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 12th Batch. Jan 2014
Siddharth Dutta

I am very much satisfied with this course. On the first day when I had joined I do not have any idea about the stock market but now as per the promise of Kredent Academy I have gain the very good knowledge about Capital Market and also now I am able to trade in Stock Market.   – SIDDHARTA DUTTA Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 11th Batch. October 2013
Abhik Kundu

It has benefited me lot as I joined this course to know about the market and here I came to know many things about the stock market theoretically as well as practically implement it in trading and also gained knowledge which will help me in my coming futures. I find this course very useful and productive.   – ABHIK KUNDU Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 11th Batch. October 2013
Tanmoy Bhadra

The course was helpful in understanding the stock market movements. The faculties were good and they were focused in providing practical application and implementation which helped me to understand better and I am thankful to Kredent for building my career in the field of stock market.   – TANMOY BHADRA Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 11th Batch. October 2013
Somen Ghosh

I am very glad to say that this course provides me a good platform to work in stock market as a trader by providing good knowledge in equity analysis and knowing more thing in stock market and here faculty is very good and their recruitment process is also good and I would like to specially thanks to Mr. Vivak Bajaj sir, Mr. Pankaj Gupta sir, Mr. Sunil sir , Mr. Alok sir , Mr. Avishek sir , Mr. Anuvhab sir and Kiran madam for helping me all time during this course and after completion of this course also   – SOMEN GHOSH Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 10th Batch. August 2013
sayantan mazumdar-april 13_1

Everything is fine and I think will benefit me in future.   – SAYANTAN MAZUMDAR Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 7th Batch. February 2013
mithilesh tiwari -april 13_1

Kredent academy has given me a practical experience in the capital markets.   – MITHILESH TIWARI Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 8th Batch. April 2013
koushik mondal-april 13_1

The total CRTA course is well designed and the way of teaching is wonderful. I think the course content and way of teaching is the best in all over India.   – KOUSHIK MANDAL Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 7th Batch. February 2013      
pema.tsh.tamang june 13_1

I enjoyed doing CRTA especially Sunil sir classes. By doing this course I came across to interact with different traders, brokers and equity analyst. This courses enhance my knowledge not only on capital market but in other field of finance. Its enhance my analytical skill and understanding of economy.   – PEMA TSH. TAMANG Certificate in Research, Trading & Advisory, 9th Batch. June 2013    

SME is really a very effective course. I got to learn a lot about stock market in such a short period of time. I really enjoyed the webinars which was very helpful and also access to videos especially by Mr. Abhijit Paul was very easy to understand. Thank you – KANIKA AGARWAL SME

I was a student of the SME batch and my experience at the Kredent Academy was exceptionally good. The faculty out there is thoroughly trained and experienced. We had a very helpful co-ordinator who ensured we got our notes on time and also the scheduling of the classes. The system of back-ups and flexibility of the classes being held is appreciable. Other benefits like the study material and the elearn websites are remarkable and a tool to stay in touch with the topics.I enjoyed my time at this academy and would highly recommend others to give it a try once. It is value for money!   – KANAN SHAH SME

This course helps to develop a good foundation about different aspects of capital markets and at the same time gives a good exposure to derivatives, technical analysis, forex etc and also helps one to develop ability to analyze current business and financial affairs in financial newspapers and other media.   – NINAD JALGAONKAR CRTA

CRTA is a unique course. In these 6 months I got the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry professionals.We were taught exhaustively about the markets and there was never a moment where we were not learning or gaining some extra knowledge which would help us in our careers. This course has trained me for my career in the financial markets and I am very grateful for being a part of this course.   – ADIL LARI CRTA

This institute has an inimitable approach towards imparting education to its students. Their key focus is on practical aspects rather than theoretical ones. They were successful in covering the entire gamut of the finance field from exhaustive research on fundamental and technical fields to the nitty-gritty of trading. The teachers are amiable and their valuable inputs stood me in good stead.   – CRTA

Advance Technical Analysis Course provide us depth knowledge of share market . Academy gives us Strong platform to learn about technicals . Abhijit sir is a great faculty and I really enjoy the class with full of enthusiasm because the way sir taught us is unbelievable. course is running and we get more than what we expect.   – JITENDRA SINGH YADAV CRTA
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